Ocean Greens

Explore the World of Edible Seaweed and Sea Vegetables—
A Way of Eating for Your Health and the Planet’s

Lisette KreischerLISETTE KREISCHER is the author of seven books on vegan food and cooking, and living an ecofabulous way of life. She is also the cofounder of the company behind The Dutch Weed Burger, which is the subject of a documentary-length feature filmed in NYC and screened around the world. Kreischer is committed to spreading the word that plant-based food is easy, tasty, and healthy, and belongs in everybody’s diet. She lives in the Netherlands.

lisettekreischer.com | The Dutch Weed Burger | @VeggieinPumps

Marcel SchuttelaarMARCEL SCHUTTELAAR is a nutritional engineer and the founder of the North Sea Farm Foundation, the engine behind the cultivation of seaweed in the North Sea. He lives in the Netherlands.

schuttelaar.nl | @MSchuttelaar